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Our unique line of products make weight loss a pleasant ride. Medi Wellness Center's "Be Thin and Slim" products offer you a one-of-a-kind solution. No more points, no more starvation, no more bland foods. Be Thin and slim weight loss program works because it's simple, it's affordable and it tastes good!

Naturally Lose 3-5 lbs a Week!

Perfect for Vegetarians & Diabetics

  • Basic 28 Day Package

  • Gourmet 28 Day Package

  • Package For Men

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Be Thin and Slim works because...

  • It Gives Results!

    Be Thin and Slim gives you results you can measure in your waist!

  • It's Simple!

    No points, no meetings. Our delicious, poportioned food is delivered right to your door.

  • It's Affordable!

    With under $12 a day you will keep the pounds away!

  • Taste & Choice

    Over 150 great tasting foods make it easy to keep the pounds away!

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